We pay you to share sponsored posts and help our advertisers grow their fan base, like Social media followers and fan base.
TrendFlow is not a get rich quick scheme or Ponzi and we do not support money laundering or any illegality of any kind.
TrendFlow has the right to increase or reduce earnings without prior notice to members but we will act according to the law and abide by it.
TrendFlow can add or remove any feature any time as deem fit for the betterment of the system.
On the account that a member try to earn from a task he or she didn’t do in a manner to cheat our advertisers, we reserve the right to ban such account, and confiscate the earnings.
TrendFlow will do everything possible to make sure this platform keeps getting better.
TrendFlow will not tolerate members who in the feat to increase their earnings misrepresent us on social media or anywhere, just to get referrers.