Prime Video’s Gen V Offers a Ground-Level Perspective on the World of The Boys

In the first scene of Gen V, Prime Video’s new spinoff of The Boys, we are taken back eight years ago to the day A-Train was announced as the first Black member of the Seven. This was a significant moment for Black viewers, including the Moreau family, who saw it as a sign of progress and hope. However, the scene also serves to establish Marie Moreau‘s tragic past, revealing her uncontrollable superhuman abilities, which resulted in the accidental deaths of her parents.


The opening scene not only provides this important information but also gives viewers an idea of what to expect from this spinoff. While Gen V features a new cast of original characters, it is deeply rooted in the world of The Boys. Unlike the parent series, which focuses on the famous supes and the resistance group opposing them, Gen V offers a more direct perspective on how the rest of the country perceives supes.

Marie, played by Jaz Sinclair, is similar to Marvin’s daughter from the original show. She idolizes the Seven and dreams of becoming a member herself, buying into Vought International‘s messaging about heroism and representation. However, The Boys has already exposed the lies behind the popular conception of supes as tools of capitalism, used to generate profit rather than save lives.

Marie is accepted into Godolkin University, a superhero school, after spending years at the Red River Institute. Compared to Red River, Godolkin looks like paradise, offering more freedom and opportunities. The series introduces other students who will make up the main cast, including Marie’s fame-seeking roommate Emma, Luke “Golden Boy” Riordan, Cate Dunlap, and Andre Anderson. Together, they navigate the complexities and deceit within the superhero world.


Godolkin University is known for its emphasis on chosen-one status and securing city contracts. Students either prove themselves as crimefighters or use their abilities for Vought’s profit in the performing arts. Emma exemplifies the failed promises of Godolkin, facing hate mail and objectification for her small size.

The setting of Gen V allows for exploration of themes related to capitalism, with a particular focus on influencers. The villains represent lower-level managers who work to maintain an unjust system. The series delves into satire, highlighting the flaws and hypocrisy in this new setting.

As Marie spends the night with the popular squad, she forms a surprising connection with Luke, who has experienced loss. This connection leads to a disastrous event at a club, where Marie uses her powers to save a woman’s life. However, she is blamed for the incident and expelled from Godolkin University. The episode ends with a series of shocking developments, including the deaths of Brink and Golden Boy, leaving viewers with unanswered questions.

Gen V is just getting started, and there are many mysteries and conspiracies yet to be revealed. With its ground-level perspective, the spinoff offers a fresh take on the world of The Boys and promises to deliver an engaging and compelling storyline in the episodes to come.


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