TrendFlow is sub-division of Ashpex Ltd,

What We Offer

We offer the best and cheapest Social Media Marketing Services to Brands, Cooperates, and Individuals (advertisers). Thus, we have members (promoters) who registered with us to help promote our services and earn from it (by liking, following, viewing, commenting or subscribing to campaigns launched by advertisers).

Note this platform does not in any way support Ponzi, get rich quick scheme, or operates as any one. Yes we pay out duly earned affiliates commissions as at when due.

Also note that our sign-up is free and will always be. We do not support any forms of irregularities; fraudulent activities or fake profiles on TrendFlow and if we notice any of these, such account will be banned without notice or hesitation.

All due payouts are processed within 72 hours and a member cannot apply for withdrawals more than once in 72 hours which is equivalent to 3 days.

Note also that we will not be held responsible if a member’s account if logged into, if any member expose is his/her login details to a third party or a stranger.

Note, we do not pre load tasks, tasks appear on your dashboard, whenever an advertiser go to our website, create an ad and pay.

Please note we reserves the right to close any member’s account, without notice to the affected member, once any issue termed inappropriate by the TrendFlow Admin.